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Ultra High Temperature

U-Lok 1000

Part Number: 3UL1000
A highly flexible duct made of a fine wire reinforced (E-Glass ceramic cloth) that is chemically treated and coated. Ideal for higher temperature fume recovery.

High temperature fume recovery
Scuff resistant
Flame resistant
*Air Velocity should be less than 50 m/sec.
A negative pressure fan system with ambient air inlet is recommended to maximize effectiveness and life of duct. It is important to size the duct diameter according to the exhaust output

Product code: 3UL1000
Material: Alumina coated, textile glass, fabric reinforced with a fine V4A wire.
Construction: Mechanical bond, galvanized steel helix (also available stainless steel helix).
Diameters: 3” to 24” I.D. Larger sizes available.
Weight: 6” I.D. =1.01 lbs/ft.
Length: 25 ft.
Compression Ratio: 3”-4”= 4:1
Temperature range -5°F to +1000°F. Intermittent.
Colour: Metallic Grey

The life of all fabric ducts can be greatly extended when sized correctly according to equipment exhaust requirements. When exhaust fume leakage is of a concern a negative pressure fan system should be incorporated. Please consult a Novaflex factory salesperson for correct sizing for diesel, caustic or high velocity exhaust applications. This will aid in reducing exhaust temperatures and static pressures. Diesel exhaust particulate can cause abrasion in exhaust applications. The amount of particulate expelled in diesel exhaust can effect the useful service life. Where exhaust fume leakage is of concern a negative pressure fan system should be incorporated.
U-Lok 1000
U-Lok 1000
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