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Uni-Chem SG - Composite Hose

Part Number: 3UCCHSG
Hose is designed for in-plant liquid transfer operations as well as tank truck delivery and rail car loading. Constructed with multiple plies of polypropylene films and polyester vapor barriers, these composite hoses can be operated at positive pressure or full suction.

Also available: Uni-Chem PG-200 with 200 psi W.P.
Operating Temperature -40ºF to +212ºF / -40ºC to +100ºC
Maximum Length 100 feet. (10" - 80ft.)
Uni-Chem PG, PS

P- Polypropylene Coated Steel Inner Helix
G- High Tensile Galvanized Carbon Steel Outer Helix
S- 316L Stainless Steel  - Outer Helix
Uni-Chem SG, SS
S- 316L Stainless Steel Inner Helix
G- High Tensile Galvanized Carbon Steel Outer Helix
S- 316L Stainless Steel  - Outer Helix
Green Cover

*WARNING! Elevated temperatures can change the chemical resistance rating of hose. Check the chemical resistance charts published by Novaflex to verify that the chemical to be transferred is rated for use with the polypropylene tube at the temperature & concentrations listed. Most chemicals become more aggressive the higher the temperature, reducing the ability of the tube material to withstand them. Compatibility information is available from Novaflex. If no data exists, it is the users responsibility to determine if the hose is compatible with the chemical to be transferred.  Never use Novaflex Composite Hose above the ratings listed by Novaflex.

Uni-Chem SG - Composite Hose
Uni-Chem SG - Composite Hose
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